Services I need while I’m Abroad 

 December 3, 2020

By  Wilson

In the same way that I can’t leave home without the necessary physical products, I can’t leave home without the necessary online services that I currently possess.

These are the services that I use to help keep me afloat while I’m traveling internationally.

Services I need while I’m Abroad

1. Cell Phone Plan – Google Fi

For this section, this is only relevant for US residents-only. The reason why I switched from AT&T to Google Fi is the flexibility with Cellular Data – it is 100% free to use data abroad.

When I used AT&T, I had free data and text/call services from Canada and Mexico. But as soon as I left North America, I’d be charged $10/day to turn off Airplane Mode.

Google Fi

Image Source: fi.google.com

For those reason, I really enjoy Google Fi. I never have to worry about ordering the uber, stepping outside the airport and losing the wifi because I’ll have cellular data at all times.

An alternative is T-Mobile. I have several nomadic friends who use T-Mobile as well, and they seem to not have problems with T-Mobile.

If you’re from outside the US, please check with your local carriers to see the best options for yourself. But in general, I would recommend choosing a carrier such as Google Fi in the US that allows you to roam data without extra charges.

2. Virtual Private Network – ExpressVPN

I delivered a presentation on VPN's for WFH Nomads in this YouTube video.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is exactly how people in China (a country that blocks all social media) use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. On that note, if you’re located in China – ExpressVPN is a must-have. Some websites have firewalls outside your home country to not allow access to certain websites.


In this screenshot, I successfully connected to a VPN in Dallas from Mexico!

I use ExpressVPN. Having a VPN eliminates all of those problems. For example, I’m able to catch the games of my favorite sports teams without any issues.

If you need to login to work for certain programs, having something like ExpressVPN could be very beneficial to have.

3. Travel Insurance

This is optional but recommended. Safetywing is a great website for digital nomad to purchase international health insurance for digital nomads or even for companies.

My current plan has me pay $40/month and it covers major accidents and COVID-related needs.

Closing Remarks

There’s nothing worse than making it to Baggage Claim in Taipei, struggling to balance retaining the WiFi signal inside the airport and attempting to locate your Uber outside. While jetlagged.

But on the other hand, you don’t want to change your number all the time when you’re traveling by buying new SIM cards for every country. For all digital nomads, I highly recommend keeping your phone number and ensuring that your carrier allows you to roam data without extra charges. If your current carrier does not, switch.

I hope this was a helpful article. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Hi, my name is Wilson, founder of WFH Nomad. I was born and raised in the US, and I boast engineering and business degrees from top programs in the US. I work a normal, WFH job for a great company in America. I am extremely passionate about traveling and my job in the Tech industry, and the best part of the WFH Nomad concept is that I can do both at the same time.

I have traveled to over 47 different countries in my lifetime and I look forward to continue this lifestyle for the foreseeable future. Thanks for visiting the website!

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