What is the meaning of WFH Nomad?

Work From Home (WFH) is synonymous with the term “remote work” or “work anywhere”. Although WFH could be interpreted as staying at home and working in one spot, the intention of the meaning is to show that the result of the unfortunate 2020 pandemic has opened doors for many companies to permanently shift full-time work to a more results-oriented, flexible, 100% remote model (see: in the news). Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Square. We’ve seen it like a domino effect. Lastly, more accredited degrees are given online. This has suddenly given hundreds of thousands of employees and students the leisure to travel and work/study at the same time.

Why was WFH Nomad created?

As a young 21 year old, the founder of WFH Nomad, Wilson, had the burning desire to consistently travel. After a few years working from the office, Wilson made a change and found a job that allowed employees to WFH and subsequently traveled to Mexico while working. Because there are now more WFH jobs than ever before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wilson wanted to share his experiences with those who also have that desire to be a WFH Nomad. Wilson created this website to provide advice on how to get started and execute on becoming a WFH Nomad.

Why should anybody become a WFH Nomad?

There are several advantages. If you can find a way to find a remote job, you can travel to other countries where the currency is not quite as strong as your home country’s currency and live more for less. You can also find ways to make friends and make memories. Lastly, it builds your discipline - you do your work and you need to prioritize your life accordingly. And when you step out of your home, instead of breathing the air in San Francisco, you could be breathing the air of Santiago, Chile, or Athens, Greece, or Tokyo, Japan.

How is WFH Nomad different from other remote-job blogs/websites?

Several differences. The birth of this website was inspired by the world-shift to a more remote-working environment from the unfortunate 2020 pandemic. Other remote job-websites may encourage you to quit your job and take a course. We don’t do that. We promote the idea of leveraging existing opportunities in the marketplace or make a methodical, stable transition to becoming a WFH Nomad.

Where in the world is the founder of WFH Nomad right now?

The answer can always be different because of the nature of the lifestyle.

Does it cost money to subscribe to WFH Nomad emails/newsletters?


What services does WFH Nomad provide?

Right now, nothing except free tips and tricks on this website, a podcast hub, and a piece of love on the travel blogs section.

Does WFH give tips on how to find a remote job?

We currently do not. This is in consideration for the future.

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