Welcome to my Podcast Hub!

I created a channel to interview other WFH Nomads on how they excel in both their work from home plus travel lifestyle. I have included Spotify and YouTube links for each episode.

It is a huge pleasure for me to know these WFH Nomads and to hear what they have to say, so please join me in congratulating them on their accomplishments to this point.

10 - Marie - Frenchwoman Tech Headhunter Traveling Everywhere

In episode 10, we get to understand Marie's inspiring journey to becoming a successful WFH Nomad. Marie, a French native, details living in Canada for 9 years, traveling in Morocco, and maneuvering the WFH Nomad lifestyle around Latin America. Marie boasts three degrees, including an MBA from a University in Finland, and she has intensive work experience in HR, management, and tech headhunting. She previews her future goals of travel with us (maybe in a van!) on the podcast and gives shrewd advice to women who may be nervous about traveling alone.

Follow her on instagram (https://instagram.com/marieabroad) and check out her company's website (https://cloudbeds.com)!

Published 21 Apr 2021.

09 - Vitor - Product Manager, Small Town Man Living the Big WFH Nomad Lifestyle

In Episode 9, we learn more about Vitor's solo-traveling journey backpacking over 6 Asian countries and his volunteering experiences in Turkey. Vitor, a Goiás, Brazil native, grew up in a town of 200,000 people. He moved to Sao Paulo when he was 18 to pursue education at FGV, a top university and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. His journey to becoming a WFH Nomad started in 2020 when he had the opportunity to work in Florianopolis, Brazil. He gives a big shoutout to the Selina franchise (hotels with coworking spaces) for helping people work and travel at the same time. Vitor plans on staying in more Selinas in the future.

Follow Vitor on Instagram to check out his future adventures around South America! @vitor_borbaa

Published 08 Apr 2021.

08 - Brian H - Unconventional and Successful Path to Traveler and Founder

In Episode 8, we take a deep dive into the story of Brian H's unconventional yet successful path to becoming a Founder/Partner in Florianopolis, Brazil. Brian, a California native, details the advantages of being a WFH Nomad: cost of living, return on investment, personal growth, and opportunities to learn from instability and uncertainty. His passion for traveling started during his first time abroad to Madrid for an internship when he was 22. As he is now doing WFH as an Operations Manager, he gives shrewd advice on nutrition, travel, and personal development.

Follow Brian on Twitter for more information: @StakesIsHi (and Instagram: @bhenry___)

Published 22 Mar 2021.

07 - Tom - English Advanced Traveler and FinTech Star

In episode 7, we're introduced to UK-born and bred, Tom. Tom, an ex-Deloitte, has been traveling solo for a span of a decade whenever he had not been working. Things are obviously different today in 2021. He has seized the opportunity to combine both travel and WFH, and he is currently working in FinTech and traveling in Brazil at the same time. His adventures in India, Bolivia, and even Venezuela have inspired him to ask for and to receive permission from his employer to live this full-time lifestyle. He's now planning on migrating over to Malta in a few months for his next adventures. Check out his inspiring story to becoming a WFH Nomad!

Published 04 Mar 2021.

06 - Ciro - Silicon Valley Software Engineer and Friendship Master

In episode 6, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil native Ciro talks about his relatively straight-forward journey to becoming a WFH Nomad. Why? Because as soon as he finished his Software Engineering course at University, he knew he found his passion for coding. Software Engineering is generally a profession that is easily portable to the WFH lifestyle, and Ciro took advantage of the opportunity to travel to Canada and around Brazil and WFH at the same time, even before the pandemic hit.

Check out the shrewd advice he gives for other aspiring WFH Nomads and check out his website! https://engbyte.com

Published 19 Feb 2021.

05 - Matheus - Automotive Product Manager and Seasoned Traveler

In episode 5, we are introduced to São Paulo, Brazil native, Matheus. Matheus started solo-traveling when he was 15 and went to notable places like Canada, Malta, and Namibia. But most importantly, he has always prioritized work first. His inspiring story of becoming a WFH Nomad was possible because of the world-wide shift to online work due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. He seized the opportunity to combine his two passions of working in the automotive industry and traveling at the same time, and now he has achieved his dream of becoming a WFH Nomad.

Follow Matheus on Instagram to follow his journey! @matheusvitello

Published 29 Jan 2021.

04 - Jay - Los Angeles-Based Programmer in LatAm

In episode 4, Jay walks us through his inspiring journey from being in Los Angeles (Long Beach) his whole life until he made a big change for himself. After a few years working in the office as a programmer in LA, he made the decision to become a WFH Nomad and moved to Austin, Texas by himself with the same job in 2017. Then he ventured out to Medellin, Colombia and eventually traveled around Mexico, Europe, and South America. Now he is settled right by the beach in Lima, Peru. Check out his incredible journey on how he became an accomplished WFH Nomad.

Published 19 Jan 2021.

03 - Camila - Female Solo-Traveler and Web Traffic Manager

In episode 3, São Paulo native Camila talks about her incredible journey to becoming a WFH Nomad. But the road wasn't always easy for Camila: she went through a divorce (of a 10-year marriage) and got dismissed from her traditional 9-5 job. However, she found ways to turn around her initial disappointments into a very positive outcome: a lifestyle she desired. She is now a successful Web Traffic Manager (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) and discusses her risk-taking yet patient approach to solo-traveling as a WFH Nomad around Asia and Latin America.

Published 23 Dec 2020.

02 - Brian - Maryland Bred-CEO in Brazil

In episode 2, Brian takes us into his journey on becoming a WFH Nomad. He was born and raised in Maryland and moved to Tuscaloosa to pursue his college degree in Geography at the University of Alabama. After a few stints in GIS and teaching English in Brazil, he made a pivot to become a Digital Marketer of his own company with bigger goals for 2021 and 2022. Now he is planning on returning to Brazil for a fourth time while earning USD. Check out his inspiring story on picking up Spanish and Portuguese while pursing his interests by traveling around Latin America.

Published 16 Dec 2020.

01 - Yohsuke - Pre-Med to E-commerce Entrepreneur

In episode 1, we have a deep dive into the journey of Japanese-American Yohsuke on how he became a WFH Nomad. He started out studying Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburg with the intention of going to Medical School, but then found his passion for traveling during a study abroad program in Valencia in Spain. He made the decision to follow his dreams by pursuing an E-Commerce business upon graduation and is now piling up savings while he's traveling around Colombia and Hawaii.

Published 16 Dec 2020.