4 Things to do in Madeira 

 March 4, 2023

By  Wilson

Madeira is an island west of the European mainland. During my two-week visit, I had the opportunity to experience some of the island’s most popular attractions, and I spent the entire two weeks with three really solid friends (shoutout to Ian, Rachel, and Aaron!)

How I Got There

As usual whenever I travel, I either take a United flight or search for the cheapest flight on kayak.com. I wrote an article about how I stick to flying on United as much as possible to cash out big with my miles.

For this trip, I booked on united.com and paid out of pocket.

How was the Wifi?

It was surprisingly perfect. I had zero issues at our Airbnb.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

1. Riding the Cable Car in Funchal

One of the best ways that I saw Funchal was by riding the cable car. This attraction took me on a scenic ride up to the hillside village of Monte, where I enjoyed panoramic views of the city and the coastline. Once I reached the top, I can visit the beautiful Monte Palace Tropical Garden. There was an admission price to the gardens (I want to say 10 euros). Unfortunately we did not budget enough time to take the toboggan ride back down to Funchal.

2. Pico Ruivo

This was one of the most challenging day-hikes I have ever done in my life, but this was the highlight of the trip just because of the stunning views. This demanding trail took us up the highest peak on the island, offering breathtaking views along the way.

It took us about 3 hours to reach the peak and 3.5 to come back. It was consistently steep (where you went up and down and up again). We went for sunrise and my knees hurt for two days. But it was 100% worth it.

3. Pico do Furado

Another great hike in Madeira we did was the Pico do Furado trail. This hike was WAY less challenging than the Pico Ruivo hike but still offers stunning views of the island’s rugged coastline.

It took us an hour one way to get to the end. It was a very windy day that day, but it was a simple, morning hike.

4. 25 Fontes Falls

This is located in the Rabaçal Natural Park, and it took us about 1 hour to hike one way. This waterfall features 25 streams cascading down the cliffside, surrounded by lush vegetation and a natural pool where people can swim (it was too cold for us in January to swim. Lol)

I would say this the level of this hike was on par with that of Pico do Furado.

Closing Remarks

My visit to Madeira was incredible, and I would say it’s a mountainous island and it’s less for surfing. It was very easy to get by using only English.

Working 2pm~3pm to 10~11:30pm during weekdays was perfect in Madeira because we were able to compliment that schedule by doing mid-morning hikes. The experience inspired me to continue the island, remote-working journey in the Canary Islands.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Hi, my name is Wilson, founder of WFH Nomad. I was born and raised in the US, and I boast engineering and business degrees from top programs in the US. I work a normal, WFH job for a great company in America. I am extremely passionate about traveling and my job in the Tech industry, and the best part of the WFH Nomad concept is that I can do both at the same time.

I have traveled to over 47 different countries in my lifetime and I look forward to continue this lifestyle for the foreseeable future. Thanks for visiting the website!

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