3 Things to do in Mexico City 

 December 4, 2020

By  Wilson

Mexico City is the second largest city in Latin America (behind São Paulo). When I think of Cuidad de Mexico (CDMX), I think: food, lots of traffic, and an interesting social divide. Orale!

There’s always a question of safety. Mexico City in my opinion is very safe, especially if you’re in the Polanco or Condesa neighborhoods. I practiced common sense (don’t walk alone at night in dark alleys, for example) and I was fine.

How to I Got There

As usual whenever I travel, I either take a United flight or search for the cheapest flight on kayak.com. I wrote an article about how I stick to flying on United as much as possible to cash out big with my miles.

For this trip… well, which one? Lol. The first time I went to Mexico City, I flew from San Francisco on a United flight.

Anyways, here are my top 3 things to do in Mexico City.

1. Lucha Libre

When somebody says, “Dude that’s so Mexican, bro”, they probably mean Lucha Libre. (And another 100 other possible things.)

This is an event where Mexicans and foreigners get together. Lucha Libre is all over the country, but the main event is in Mexico City.

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre

Ironically (or not), cursing and talking about other people’s mothers in a non-PG13 wey in Spanish is highly encouraged. That’s lucha libra for you.

2. Walking Around Polanco and Condesa

These are the two neighborhoods that are on the “nicer” and “safer” side of Mexico City AKA the fresa areas. And no, that does not mean strawberry. Fresa in this case is slang for overly-privileged. Lol.

It’s pretty cool just walking around the neighborhoods. My friend, Tim, and I rode around on the Bird/Lime scooters and had a blast doing it for an hour before sunset.

I was obsessed with the $35USD Fogo de Chao (Google Maps location here) in the neighborhood. Some great nightlife spots (with Google Maps locations): Joy RoomRepublica.

3. The Pyramids – Teotihuacán

Visiting one of the most important aspects of Mexican history, the pyramids (Google Maps location here), was a fruitful experience. Both times. It’s about a one-hour uber ride to the north of the city. The entrance was around 500 pesos, and I was glad I blocked out a full day here.

Pyramids – Teotihuacán

Pyramids – Teotihuacán

Honorable Mentions

Xochilmilco (Google Maps location) was very cool. And I only say that because I enjoy getting drunk on a boat.

Me to self everyday in Mexico: Eat tons of Mexican food – it’s ALL GOOD.

Mexican Food

Mexican Food

But in all seriousness, choose any taco stand in Mexico City, and it’s almost guaranteed to be absolutely delicious for a very cheap price.

Personally, Mexican tacos (and *rolls eyes* I don’t mean Taco Bell tacos) are ridiculously delicious. And what’s fascinating is that it’s also a culture. I do know some Mexicans who eat them daily.

Me? I couldn’t do that. 3 times a week and it’s too much. But right now, I’m thinking about the times where I could easily get tacos al pastor, throwing cilantros and onions on the meat, squeezing lime over it with a dab of red hot sauce. Brb, daydreaming.

Where I Stayed

I stayed in Airbnb’s in Condesa. By the way, I wrote a separate article on How I Choose Where I Stay when I Travel.

If I Had More Time, I Would Have…

Explore Chapultepec Castle, explore the top museums of CDMX. Mexico City is so big, I don’t even know where I would start.

Closing Remarks

I think Mexico City is a great place to visit. It’s visitor-friendly, and it also does a good job of allowing foreigners to get a good understanding of Mexican culture in a short amount of time.

I love Mexico. But if you ask me, I’m on Team Guadalajara.

Final Grade: B


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Hi, my name is Wilson, founder of WFH Nomad. I was born and raised in the US, and I boast engineering and business degrees from top programs in the US. I work a normal, WFH job for a great company in America. I am extremely passionate about traveling and my job in the Tech industry, and the best part of the WFH Nomad concept is that I can do both at the same time.

I have traveled to over 47 different countries in my lifetime and I look forward to continue this lifestyle for the foreseeable future. Thanks for visiting the website!

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